This was written during one of my lowest lows in 2014. It’s about how I actually felt at that particular moment. But (or, and) to my surprise, it helped tremendously with my healing as I turned it to a song. So this is the mark of the end of my five year long depression.

God’s Favorite Angel

Generally, it’s a poem about how people breed ignorance. While personally, I was upset that some people made my daughter think wearing the hijab would secure her lot in heaven. How would they feel if I said (with evidence) to their religious kids that 2-3 thousand years ago, humans were schizophrenic and they invented god out of their lunatic minds?

You Love Me

I read the letter you never wrote You’ll never do I liked the words that you never got to say You never have to They bore gorgeous rainbows Like rain in the sun Or sun in the rain Sun in our eyes You love me, so love me You love me, so love me A […]

With Eyes Wide Open

When I’m tired I turn to my TV It’s versions of my life 24/7 Nasties, soft porn Stripped and blurred It’s safe now, babe Take care of yourself Let the wars begin And then the world fall You can’t stop What you can’t stop So let the fire cry And let all the waters dry […]


You got crosses on your thumbs John has made you dumb I don’t take people like you Seriously You can call me names But I won’t change Cause hell was made for you Not me Lalala Lalala Everytime I look around Stupid in all of its glory On daily rally Oh the daily news You […]

A Touch of E Minor

Dark magic You need to go back to school Learn how to hate Properly Poor boy Enjoy your travel Hell never burns for you alone So when you get there Remember Try to get along Could be fun I got old friends Some were your friends too Birds of a feather flock together Birds of […]

Find A Way

Kings and queens Wake up from your graves! Down these streets Nobody is sane I weep when they laugh I seek when they steal I never find a way I never find a way I never find a way To be free Who do I trust When a hero’s just A devil unborn? My dying […]